High Country Nursery

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High Country Nursery in Fairview, NC specializes in fine and unusual landscape plants and uncommon specimen trees. This includes Japanese maples, conifers, roses, gardenias, cold hardy tropicals, select indoor and outdoor plants, bonsai; as well as, cherries, blueberries, sassafras, sourwood, mulberries, kiwi, paw paws, figs and other edible fruits. The nursery focuses on container grown plants and trees – mainly Japanese maples with over five dozen cultivars available. All trees are hardy to our local climate. We have added a cold hardy banana, edgeworthia, camellias, and several russian/asian pomegranates that can grow outside in our climate also.

Contact Information

Address: 16 Rock Branch Road, Fairview, NC 28730 wnchighcountry@gmail.com

Visit Website: http://www.japmaple.com

Phone: 828-779-1981