COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Rules and Safety Procedures

*Customers and Vendors who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave.

Our Goals

  • Safe customers
  • Safe vendors
  • Provide essential products to our community
  • Safer customer and vendor experiences than alternatives such as grocery stores
  • A demonstration that we are a responsible Asheville business by modeling virus-safe behavior
  • As a market, we are determined to treat this public health crisis seriously.  Persons failing to follow any of the rules below must leave the market immediately.

Maintaining Distances

  • Minimum of six feet between canopies
  • Minimum of six feet between vendors, between vendors and customers, and between customers
  • Wide aisles (>20 feet) to allow distance between customers 
  • Children (if they must attend) must be closely controlled by an adult.
  • No pets allowed.
  • The number of shoppers permitted within the market will be limited by market staff.
  • One way traffic flow (lane) i.e., enter at one end of the market, exit at the other end. No one allowed to walk in the opposite direction. Stairs will be blocked off.

Limiting Numbers

  • Customers will enter the market through a staff managed single entrance.  No customer nor vendor exhibiting symptoms will be allowed to enter the market.
  • A maximum of 25 vendors will be permitted at market on any given day. Each vendor will be allowed to have only 1 staff person. No more than 50 customers shopping within the market at any time. If more than 50 customers arrive at once, they will be asked to wait in their cars or in a line with 6 foot spacing between customers and staff.

Limiting Touch

  • No more than one customer is allowed at each vendor’s booth.  Any others will wait in line six or more feet away.
  • All products must be clearly labeled with prices. Prepackaged products are strongly recommended. Customers cannot touch products prior to purchasing. Vendors will gather purchased items and place them on a table for pick-up. Customers can only pick up their purchases once the vendor has stepped away and a 6’ minimum distance is maintained. Vendors are strongly encouraged to arrange for preorders and prepayment.
  • No samples allowed.
  • All vendors and their staff will be required to wear a mask at all times during the market.

Payments and Transactions

  • If payment is required at the market, only credit/debit cards or exact cash will be accepted. Vendors who accept payment at the market must use gloves. Contactless card readers and cash drop-in containers will be strongly encouraged to avoid direct contact of customer to vendor. Vendors must use designated gloves, i.e., 1 set of gloves for handling their products, a different set of gloves for handling payment.
  • No tokens allowed.

Practicing Periodic Disinfection

  • NATM will provide two hand-washing stations for customers and vendors.
  • Vendors must use cleanable surfaces and will frequently sanitize all contact surfaces e.g., tables, shelves, card readers, etc.

Additional Safety Measures: Prepare Market Staff and its Vendors

  • Signs at market and information on websites and social media will be posted to publicize all market rules.
  • Vendors are encouraged to create alternate delivery or pick up options to cut down on customer traffic at market. NATM is assisting in promoting these alternatives to our customers.
  • Vendors are encouraged to run their booth solo to cut down on the amount of people at the market. If there are two people manning a booth, one person will be designated to handle products, and a different person designated to handle purchase transactions.
  • Provide guidance for hand washing (liked time intervals) and handling materials.
  • Vendors are informed where they can find contactless credit/debit card chip readers and sanitizing materials.
  • Vendors are encouraged to practice social distancing and avoid large gatherings that may increase risks for potential exposure during off hours.

Any further questions for us about the above Market Rules?