Market Rules & COVID Guidelines

Market Rules and COVID Safety Procedures

*Customers and Vendors who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave.

Our Goals

  • Safe customers and safe vendors
  • Provide essential products to our community
  • Safer customer and vendor experiences than alternatives such as grocery stores
  • A demonstration that we are a responsible Asheville business by modeling virus safe behavior
  • As a market, we are determined to treat this public health crisis seriously. Persons failing to follow any of the rules below must leave the market immediately.

Masks & Distancing

  • Masks and distancing are encouraged but not required. Masks are up to the vendor and staff’s discretion (if fully vaccinated) and are advised to keep masks nearby and to consider customers comfort and potential for being immunocompromised or unvaccinated for any reason.
  • No customers, vendors, or staff exhibiting symptoms may enter the market.
  • Unvaccinated folks should still social distance and wear masks.
  • Children must be closely monitored by an adult.

Dog Policies

While dogs are allowed, please help us ensure a safe and comfortable market environment for all by making sure all dogs at the market are well mannered and well behaved. Customers are responsible for the behavior of their dogs at all times and will be asked to leave by the market staff if they are determined to be endangering the market. Customers dogs are allowed only if:

  • On a short leash of 18 inches or shorter. No retractable leashes.
  • The customer pays for any supplies or products damaged by their dog.
  • They use the bathroom outside of the market area and are cleaned up after.
  • They can remain calm in a crowded, public setting.
  • They can exhibit self control around people of all ages and other dogs (no lunging, barking, growling, or aggression).
  • They show manners at vendor booths by not sniffing, licking, or tasting vendor’s goods.

Any further questions for us about the above Market Rules?